CurodontTM D’Senz

Professional protection for sensitive teeth

The patented Oligo-Peptide 103 technology in CURODONTTM D’SENZ forms a stable protective barrier on exposed dentine.

Within 2 minutes the open dentin tubules are effectively occluded inhibiting the pain induced by thermal and contact stimuli. It enables the reduction of sensitivity directly before professional dental cleaning.



Mode of Action

Hypersensitivity results from the exposure of dentin tubules due to gum recession, age-related tooth wear, aggressive tooth brushing, etc. This leads to the transmission of thermal and contact stimuli to the nerve endings within the dentinal tubules, which is experienced as a short, sharp pain.
CurodontTM D’Senz is specially formulated to provide fast and lasting recovery from sensitivity. The Oligo-peptide 103 technology in CurodontTM D’Senz forms a stable and lasting layer on exposed dentinal tubules. This biomimetic, mineral-rich, peptide layer creates a barrier against the transmission of external stimuli to the nerve endings, providing effective desensitization.

How to Apply

CurodontTM D’Senz is easy-to use and can be applied both in the dental office and by patients at home.
CurodontTM D’Senz can be applied on sensitive teeth before beginning any dental procedure, such as a professional dental cleaning, to make the treatment more comfortable. It can also be used after dental procedures that could result in sensitivity, for example, periodontal therapy, bleaching, etc.

  1. Apply CurodontTM D’Senz using a rubber polisher, a microbrush, or with a gloved finger
  2. After 1-2 minutes, ask the patient to spit out the remnants. Rinsing immediately after application is not advised
CurodontTM D’Senz can be used once or several times a day every day until the desired effect is achieved.

  1. Take a small amount on a clean finger and spread on the sensitive tooth/teeth
  2. Wait for 1-2 minutes, and spit out the remnants, if needed. Do not rinse immediately after application