CurodontTM Repair

Regenerative treatment of initial carious lesions
– Professional product, sold to dental professionals only –

CURODONTTM REPAIR arrests and reverses initial carious lesions through enamel regeneration.

Its Monomer-Peptide 104 patented technology remineralises the enamel structure until the depth of the defect, preserving the tooth.

Non-invasive, easy-to-use, and pain-free. Suitable for all patients


Guided Enamel Regeneration

Guided Enamel Regeneration (GER) is a regenerative treatment of initial carious lesions. GER bridges the gap between prevention and invasive restorative treatments. It enables effective therapy of initial caries through in-depth regeneration of the enamel, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the tooth. By diffusing rapidly until the depth of early, active, non-cavitated early carious lesions (Caries classification table for indications of CurodontTM Repair) and forming new hydroxyapatite crystals, the Monomer-Peptide 104 technology in CurodontTM Repair enables Guided Enamel Regeneration via an easy, non-invasive and pain-free application.